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Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits

Refillable or Disposable - The Choice is Yours.

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Lif-O-Gen® Automated (Formerly TXO2 ®)
Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen Kit with Refillable Cylinder


When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. In those critical seconds it is crucial to have the simplest & quickest method of Lif-O-Gen Automated Wall Mount Emergency Oxygenoxygen deployment possible.

When pulled from its cradle, the Lif-O-Gen automated system will immediately begin to deliver 6 lpm oxygen USP through the integrated mask & tubing. Oxygen will continue to be delivered for up to 45 minutes. Simply place the unit back in the cradle to stop the flow of oxygen, or alternatively, insert the attached regulator pin.

The unit can be re-used until depleted with only a replacement of the mask train. The tank can be refilled when depleted by contacting your local gas distributor.

Operation - Simply pull the unit from the wall and oxygen will automatically begin flowing

Flow Rate - 6 liters per minute

Capacity - 45 minutes from one refillable cylinder

Mounting - Sturdy aluminum wall mount cradle secures delivery system & mask assembly

 Several independent training and certification sources exist for first aid oxygen systems.  

  • (blended training/cert.-  free with unit purchase)
  • American Red Cross (elective add-on to other courses)
  • American Safety & Health Institute
  • Medic First Aid
  • Emergency Care and Safety Institute
  • EMS Safety
  • Jeff Ellis and Associates
  • Star Guard

Ordering Information

31- 01- 0600 - 45-Minute Refillable Emergency Oxygen Kit: one refillable oxygen cylinder, oxygen regulator, mask & tubing, wall mount cradle; 45 minutes of medical oxygen USP

31- 01- 0610 - Spare Oxygen Delivery Assembly, without cradle, for immediate replacement of a depleted unit

31- 01- 0100 - Replacement mask & tubing assembly


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